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Upholster or Buy New?

With the cost of new furniture being so cheap, you should ask “Is my furniture worth upholstering or refinishing?”  The answer is a definite Maybe!  If the furniture is old, then your furniture most likely has a better frame and internal materials than its newer counterpart.  If it has sentimental value, then upholstery or refinishing is definitely worth while as you can’t replace that value. If your existing furniture was a significant investment and you like it, but it needs updating, then it is easy to justify the cost of upholstery. The real question to ask is “Do I like my furniture?“. Reupholstery allows you to retain not only your cherished memories, but also the quality craftsmanship that was put into constructing your furniture.

How old is the furniture you want to reupholster?

The age of your furniture is a great indicator of the quality of its construction. A general rule of thumb – if your furniture is more than 30 years old, it’s generally good quality and worth refinishing or upholstering. Most modern furniture comes off an assembly line and is made with cheap, glued-together materials.  Even the tag “hardwood frame” is no guarentee of how that hardwood is joined together and good joints are essential for furniture longevity.  Your old, quality furniture is typically made of Kiln-dried hardwood with time-honored jointery techniques.  The structure of the frame plays such an important role in recovering that beautiful furniture that you’ve enjoyed for years, and modern furniture rarely has the same look and comfortable feel.

Custom Made furniture is generally worth recovering, but really depends on your tastes and the construction. Recently, even custom or semi-custom furniture may be built with cheap pre-made frames that aren’t much different than regular retail furniture. Two good rules of thumb – heavier is almost always better and past performance is a good indicator of future performance (if it has lasted will, it likely will continue to do so!)

If you own Antique furniture it is definitely worth upholstering.  Antiques were made before the age of real mass-produced furniture that sacrificed quality for the fiercely competitive pricing market that is todays furniture market. 

Whatever you have, the experts at Markham are always happy to help you determine whether it is worth restoring your Old and Used to New and Fresh!

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