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Can you tell me roughly what upholstery costs?
That is the first question often asked when people contact us. I can’t answer specifically because, as they say, the devil is in the details. But I can give you a budget-type estimate that will help you decide if upholstery is right for you.

Sofa : $650 (upholstery labor) + 18 yards of fabric
Loveseat : $500 (upholstery labor) + 14 yards of fabric
Wingback : $350 (upholstery labor) + 8 yards of fabric
Recliner : $400 (upholstery labor) + 9 yards of fabric

What does upholstery fabric cost?
That is the big follow up question. It’s up to you. I recommend budgeting around $25 – $45 per yard but you can certainly find fabrics more inexpensive and easily WAY more expensive. Good quality upholstery-weight fabric is not cheap. It has to hold up to friction (friction from sitting down and standing up) weight (can’t stretch from the weight of a person sitting on it) and general wear and tear. And yet upholstery fabric it has to be soft and comfortable, with a nice hand so that it upholsters nicely and feels good for years to come.

Don’t forget transportation
Yes, we pick up furniture and deliver it. We have a reasonable $160 fee to have us pick up and deliver your newly-upholstered furniture (round trip, covers most situations within a reasonable distance of our shop.) Unless you have a truck and some strong friends, I recommend that we deliver your furniture. It would be a shame to spend so much on your upholstery project and then scratch or damage the furniture when moving it.

Don’t Forget!
Finally the city of Dallas and state of Texas ask that you contribute the customary 8.25% sales tax to their coffers. (It’s an offer you can’t refuse – well, unless you have a resale certificate!) Everthing we do is taxed.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what your project will cost. If you want to explore your options further, send us an email – using the red link in the left column – with some photos and we’ll be happy to provide a free estimate.