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Extreme Button Upholstery

Custom Upholstery modifications by family kitty!

The family cat got to this beautiful piece of furniture and reduced the fabric to, well, something less than desirable.

The proof is in the pudding. See the after photo for our upholstery workmanship and attention to detail.

A finished sample […]

Refinished and Upholstered Couch

…After Upholstery and Refinishing

Before Work Begins…

Refinished in black lacquer with fresh white vinyl upholstery, this victorian couch just sings. Custom modifications included changing the cushion to a single seat cushion to update the look of the piece. This beauty will serve in the office of a local upscale […]

Got Nails?

Nail head trim accents a nice rolled arm

Nicely Updated bench with custom upholstery

Sometimes we do pieces that just make me happy. These aren’t particularly large, don’t have buttons, channels or tufts. But they do have really nice presence and with the nailhead following those curves – well, it just makes […]

Furniture Refinishing for Christmas

Refinished Table and Chairs with Upholstery

This beautiful dining room set was refinished and upholstered to get exactly the look our customer wanted for their Christmas entertaining needs. We even made the table runner to create a fully-custom look. We were delighted and our customer was too. As you can see in the […]

Pillows Galore!

Custom Pillows add pop to a sofa upholstery project

We originally upholstered this camel-back sofa with updated fabric and modified the arms with the pretty rolled arm design. Our customer needed to break up the gold so we added custom pillows (the green was also used on dining chairs in the […]